Tramp Metal Detectors

A Tramp Metal Detector is designed to detect both ferrous an non-ferrous metals on a moving conveyor belt.  Bulk Pro Systems distributes many different types of metal detectors and will determine which detector is best suited for your application.  Tough and reliable, Bulk Pro Systems Tramp Metal Detectors are designed to detect and discriminate between conductive materials and metals, both magnetic and non-magnetic, ferrous and non-ferrous tramp metal.  Our detectors are compatible with fabric and steel core belts.  They provide protection to downstream processing equipment by detecting the presence of potentially damaging metal objects.  Whether you are looking for large or very small pieces of metal, Bulk Pro Systems has a detector to suit your application.

Industries Served:

  • Mining
  • Electric Utilities
  • Aggregates
  • Steel
  • Minerals
  • Wood
  • Paper
  • And Many Others