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Point Level Detection

Point Level Detection from Bulk Pro Systems

Bulk Pro Systems has a complete line of Point Level Detection devices for use in the powder and bulk solids markets and some liquids applications.

These detectors can be used for High, Low and Mid point level applications on just about any material.

Some common applications where Point level Detectors are used consist of preventing plugged chutes, bin overflows, high level on stacker conveyors, low level detection on chutes and hoppers, and silos and bed depth on mechanical conveyors to name a few.

Choosing the most appropriate level detection technology is important.

Bulk Pro Systems can recommend the right kind of technology based on the material and the application.

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Point Level Detection - BULK PRO SYSTEMS
Bulk Pro Systems
Point Level Detection - BULK PRO SYSTEMS
Bulk Pro Systems
Bulk Pro Systems
Bulk Pro Systems

Microwave Point Level Detection

The Model BPR61/BPT61 Microwave Point Level Detection System is used for very difficult level detection application on solids and liquids applications.

The BPT61 is the transmitter which focuses the microwave signal to the BPR61 receiver.

A medium in the path of the beam dampens the signal. This signal damping is detected by the BPR61 receiver and is converted into a contact to be sent to the control system.

This Microwave Point Level detection system works very well where other point level detectors may have failed in the past.

Applications which have wall build-up, dust and large falling product reek havoc on intrusive or contact type point level detectors.

The gain on the Microwave Point Level System can be increased to see through wall buildup and dust.

The microwave signal can see through most non-metallic materials like polyethylene, Teflon or glass thereby allowing you to mount the BPT61/BPR61 outside of the application protecting each from large falling material.

Microwave Point Level detectors do not require any regulatory approval or license’s like nucleonic devices.

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Bulk Pro Systems
Bulk Pro Systems

Model BMRX Rotary Level Switches

The Bulk Pro Systems Model BMRX Rotary Level Switch is designed for point level detection in dry bulk materials.

Simple, Rugged, Reliable Operation.

Bulk Pro has built advanced technology and design features into the BMRX to create a significantly advanced rotary paddle switch that exceeds the performance of competitive rotaries.

The BMRX is designed to provide security from system power failure, easy access to all components, and reliable performance. It features the same explosion-proof housing that is standard on every paddle level switch.

The BMRX is cost-effective and the easiest-to-implement solution for reliable point level control.

Built for Long Life.

Bulk Pro builds the BMRX with a specially designed synchronous motor that features “de-energized” operation. The motor automatically shuts down when material is present rather than remaining in a “stalled” condition. This minimizes “wear & tear” and reduces the operating temperature to extend motor life.

Plus, the motor features a built-in bi-directional slip-clutch that protects the gear assembly from damage due to over rotation. The BMRX has a standard four-bearing drive shaft assembly that reduces motor drag during paddle rotation.

Bulk Pro Systems
Bulk Pro Systems

Tilt Switch Controls & Probes

Tilt Switch Probes & Controls provide simple alarm output for both dry bulk materials.

The rugged non-mercury or mercury tilt switch probe is suspended vertically over a material pile, bin or conveyor belt and as the material level rises to tilt the switch approximately 20° from vertical in any direction, an alarm output signal is activated.

The control units are designed with an adjustable time delay to prevent false trips from vibration, wind or accidental movement.

The tilt switch controls and probes are typically used as high level detection in conveyor transfer chutes, redundant high level detection in silos and hoppers and at the head end of stacker conveyors.

Tilt Switch Probes & Controls provide simple and reliable level detection in your most difficult applications.

The Model SL23-8C 115VAC Mercury Tilt Switch Probe is also still available.

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