Model SL29-115 Tilt Switch Control and Model SL20-8 Non-Mercury Tilt Switch Probe

The Model SL20-8 and SL29-115 Tilt Switch Probe & Control provide simple alarm output for both dry bulk materials or liquids when used with a float ball accessory. The rugged non-mercury probe is suspended vertically over a material pile, bin or conveyor belt and as the material level rises to tilt the switch approximately 15° from vertical in any direction, an alarm output signal is activated. The control unit is designed with an adjustable time delay to prevent false trips from vibration, wind or accidental movement.  This tilt switch control and probe are typically used as high level detection in conveyor transfer chutes, redundant high level detection in silos and hoppers and at the head end of stacker conveyors.  The Model SL20-8 and SL29-115 Tilt Switch Probe & Control provide simple and reliable level detection in your most difficult applications.


  • Heavy Duty Industrial Tilt Switch
  • Simple Installation and Operation
  • Solid State Electronics with Adjustable Time Delay to Prevent False Trips, 0-10 seconds
  • Large green (“Normal”) and red (“Alarm”)
  • LED indicating lights on front cover
  • Mounting Hardware Included
  • Optional Accessories available
  • SL20-8 Probe can be used by itself with a 24 VDC power Supply
  • SL20-8 can be retrofitted to replace mercury probes connected to the 24 VDC side of existing controllers.
  • CE Approved version of tilt switch probe available
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The Model SL23-8 110VAC Mercury Tilt Switch Probe is also still available.