Model PL72-115 Speed Monitor

The Model PL72-115 Speed Monitor is used for accurate sensing of under speed, over speed and zero speed conditions on rotating shafts, pulleys or other rotating equipment at your facility.  This microprocessor based system will protect your valuable machinery from costly downtime, inform you of current operating conditions and provide you with an alarm if there is any variation from your user supplied operating parameters.  The Model PL72-115 Speed Monitor can incorporate either a magnetically coupled or proximity type speed sensor that sends speed pulses from the moving piece of equipment you wish to monitor.  A complete system comes with the PL70 speed monitor, 30mm prox switch, prox switch mounting bracket and 3-hole target.  The Model PL72-115 Speed Monitor will help you increase production reduce downtime and provide you with vital information to the operation of your plant.


  • Start-up delay: 1-99 seconds
  • Alarm set-point: 0-160% of programmed speed
  • Alarm delay: 0-99 seconds from receipt of the pulses or power on
  • Reset mode: Power on or remote relay input
  • Begin start-up delay: From receipt of pulses or power on
  • Alarm reset: Manual or automatic reset
  • Output: 4-20mA proportional to speed and one (1) SPDT discreet relay
  • Input: NPN (Up to 3Khz)
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