Model 50 Tramp Metal Detector

The Model 50 Tramp Metal Detector is designed to detect and discriminate between conductive materials and metals, both magnetic and non-magnetic, ferrous and non-ferrous tramp metal.  Compatible with fabric, rubber and steel core conveyor belts, the Model 50 provides protection to downstream processing equipment by detecting the presence of potentially damaging metal objects.  Considered the “Work-Horse” of the Bulk Pro Systems tramp metal detector line, the Model 50 can be tailored for use with non-magnetic conveyed materials or magnetic, highly conductive ores.  Metal splices and or repair clips can be used with this metal detector.  It is prefabricated to fit onto most CEMA conveyors.  The Model 50 Tramp Metal Detector can save your plant downtime and expensive repairs due to ferrous and non-ferrous metals getting caught up in your process.


  • Custom design to fit any conveyor
  • Easy installation, no need to cut the belt
  • Swing away antenna
  • Accessories, clip detectors, flag drop, spray marker, lights and horns
  • Field replaceable modules
  • Works on magnetic and conductive ores and belts with rip detection antennas
Complete Application Data Sheet
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