Microwave Point Level Detection

The Model BPR61/BPT61 Microwave Point Level Detection System is used for very difficult level detection application on solids and liquids applications.  The BPT61 is the transmitter which focuses the microwave signal to the BPR61 receiver.  A medium in the path of the beam dampens the signal.  This signal damping is detected by the BPR61 receiver and is converted into a contact to be sent to the control system.  This Microwave Point Level detection system works very well where other point level detectors may have failed in the past.  Applications which have wall build-up, dust and large falling product reek havoc on intrusive or contact type  point level detectors.  The gain on the Microwave Point Level System can be increased to see through wall  buildup and dust.  The microwave signal can see through most non-metallic materials like polyethylene, Teflon or glass thereby allowing you to mount the BPT61/BPR61 outside of the application protecting each from large falling material.  Microwave Point Level detectors do not require any regulatory approval or license’s like nucleonic devices.


  • Reliable measurement even with very abrasive or dusty products
  • Simple adjustment
  • Can see through wall build-up
  • Easy to mount 1-1/2″ NPT half coupling
  • 316 Stainless steel wetted parts.