Weigh Belt Feeders

Bulk Pro Systems Weigh Belt Feeders incorporate a single idler full floating weighbridge assembly, the Model N60 Belt Speed Sensor and the powerful microprocessor based electronics of the Bulk Pro Systems Model 6105 Feeder Controller.  Bulk Pro Systems Weigh Belt Feeders theory of operation is as follows.  Material is fed into the feeder via a feed hopper, this hopper is  equipped with a manually adjustable profile gate which controls the bed depth on the feeder belt.  The weighbridge assembly built into the feeder measures the gravimetric force applied by the material traveling down the belt and converts this force into mV signal which is proportional to the loading on the belt.  A digital speed sensor continuously monitors the belt speed and the powerful microprocessor based electronics of 6105 series electronics integrates these two signals to give you an instantaneous rate and totalized weight of material that has passed through the feeder.  The 6105 Feeder Controller integrator will then provide analog or digital outputs that allow you to control and monitor your process.  All while maintaining an accuracy of plus or mins 0.5%.

Bulk Pro Systems build three different types of feeders based on the capacity and material being conveyed.  The series F-51 is for light duty type applications, F-52 is for medium duty applications up to 300 TPH and the F-53 is for heavy duty applications to 1000 TPH.  We can also build our series F-54 which is a Volumetric Belt Feeder where there is no need to gravimetrically weigh the material. No matter you application Bulk Pro Systems has a weigh feeder that will suit you most demanding applications.

Industries Served:

  • Mining
  • Electric Utilities
  • Aggregates
  • Steel
  • Minerals
  • Wood
  • Paper
  • And Many Others