Sampling Systems

Sweep Sampling Systems are an economical and simple tool to get samples of material from a moving conveyor belt.  They can be installed on either horizontal or inclined conveyors.  Typical applications for S-70 sweep samplers are found on 18”-72” belts, sometimes even larger.  There are  thousands of sweep samplers installed worldwide.

Sampling Systems can range from simple stand alone single stage unit to multiple stage system that incorporates crushing, secondary sampling and reject handling.  They are utilized  in a variety of industries worldwide for sampling sand, gravel, crushed stone, coal, coke, DRI and a variety of other ores.

The Model S-70 Sweep Sampling System is easily retrofitted onto existing conventional bulk material belt conveyor systems and is designed to meet the most stringent standards of ASTM D-2234.

These Sampling Systems are customized to meet your application.  Therefore, if  you are looking for a heavy duty, long lasting and easy to maintain Sampling System, Bulk Pro Systems provides the complete system design including:

  • Primary, secondary, tertiary sampling
  • Feeders
  • Crushers
  • Reject handling
  • Chute-work
  • Controls

Secondary Sampling Control Unit

Complete Two Stage Sampling System