The Bulk Pro Systems Model N-65 Belt Scale System utilizes a weighbridge design comprised of two separate single-load cell modules.  The weigh idler spans between these modules and bolts directly to them.  The N-65 single idler belt scale system utilizes a full suspension weighbridge design.  The strain gauge load cell mounted in compression and the modular weighbridge design allows for near zero material build-up ensuring reliable and precise performance.  The Model N-65 allows you to achieve an accuracy from +1/2% to +.20%.  Accuracy improves by adding additional modules and weigh idlers.  1, 2, 3 & 4 idler systems can be utilized.  A single idler system will provide +0.5%, dual idler system will provide +0.5-0.25%, three idler systems will provide +0.25% and a four idler system will provide +.20%.  The Model N-65 is the best solution for your highly accurate, yet economical belt scale applications.  The modules are kept in stock for quick delivery and fit on most conveyor systems.  The heavy duty modular design is suitable for most industrial applications.