Model DLS Diaphragm Level Switch

The Model DLS Diaphragm Level Switch is designed for level control in bulk solids and powders.  It operates by sensing the level through pressure on the diaphragm (face of the unit).  Once the controlled material comes in contact with the diaphragm the pressure causes the switch to activate.  It utilizes a patented Magnetic Linkage that isolates the electrical compartment from the controlled product, reducing the maintenance and improving sensitivity.  A wide selection of diaphragms and switches are available with choices of flange or suspension mounting to fit your specific application.  This simple switch provides reliable level control for the most rugged applications and for a variety of products.


  • Magnetic linkage
  • Easy installation
  • Die cast aluminum enclosure
  • Flange or suspension mount
  • General purpose weatherproof or explosion proof models
  • Variety of diaphragm materials customized to the application
  • UL and CE approvals