Model CL Capacitance Level Switch

The model CL Capacitance Level Switches are designed for point level detection in both liquids and solids.  The CL Capacitance Level Switch does not have any moving parts.  State of the art sensing technology in the CL uses RF (radio frequency) admittance  for point level detection in tanks, silos, hoppers, chutes and many other applications.  This technology is immune to external RF sources like walkie-talkies and cell phones as well as minimal interference with radio communication or other electronic systems.  The probe has an active guard section which ignores build-up from the bin wall or top of the application while still being sensitive to the material level.  The CL Capacitance Level Switch is adaptable to many different environments and is suitable for point level in most liquids and solids applications.


  • Automatic calibration using an external magnet
  • Universal power supply
  • Coat guard to prevent false trips from build-up
  • Fail safe setting for loss of power
  • LED status indication light
  • Time delay to prevent false alarms from splashing, agitation and sluffing
  • Removable terminals for ease of wiring